Dan Orlovsky Gets So Upset Someone Said Dak Was Better Than Wentz, He Started Disrobing Live On Air


There are no sports going on right now and that makes it tough on content for these sport talk shows. So when there are no highlights to show, let the debates commence. If you are unfamiliar with ESPN’s Get Up, they touch on the Dallas Cowboys every single day. It’s exhausting to be encapsulated by mediocrity like that every show but somehow Dan Orlovsky rises above.

But, everyone has meets their wits end at some point. After Orlovsky gave his Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks and named Wentz and fifth, Dominque Foxworth rebutted with Dak Prescott. It went as well as you would expect it to.


Imagine having the chance to critique that Top 5 list, and choosing Dak Prescott over Desean Watson. Blasphemy!

Love the reaction by future MNF commentator, Dan Orlovsky. Because, we’ve all been there. We’ve all had people tell us Dak is better than Carson Wentz using an argument propped up by Dak’s padded stats against good teams and his flawless supporting cast that has delivered him ONE playoff win. We’ve also all probably been there where you are at work and someone says something so off-putting, you get hot under the color. You say screw it, the coat is coming off and the sleeves are rolling up because I need air or I will freak out! That’s how much Orlovsky has had it with Wentz haters.


Best part about this was Foxworth returning the favor and taking his coat off too! Boys, we got dangerously close to a shirtless Wentz vs Dak debate. I am not sure how we should feel about it. But hey, in a time like this where ratings are hard to come by, a stunt like that just may work!




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