Am I The Asshole? OnlyFans Edition


I’m sure most people are familiar with AITA, it is a subreddit where you ask a question and give your reasoning/thought process and let a bunch of strangers decide who the asshole is. So I was scrolling through early in the morning because my sleep schedule is messier than this Jay Cutler divorce is going to be and I come across this.

I mean what an intriguing title. First thoughts, just off of the question with zero context the girl is the asshole. I’m not an OnlyFans guy, I guess I’m just old fashioned and prefer my porn free and professionally done. Like most things in life I don’t care what you do though, if you want to buy nudes on OnlyFans or get Pornhub premium do you.

I have a couple of friends who either strip or have an OnlyFans, or both, and for the most part they’re all very supportive of each other. Some of it seems genuine, some of it seems fake because they want to support fellow sex workers and then some of it seems strictly like a marketing strategy. Mostly it is all positive and not looked at as their competition. So with knowing that to have the girl who made this post mad that her boyfriend is using the site is just very strange. I wish she would’ve mentioned if free porn was okay or if she just doesn’t want him watching porn whatsoever.

There isn’t much context here, which is the case for a lot of these. I think when it comes to your significant others porn that’s like a whatever goes zone. As long as they’re not watching kiddie porn don’t worry about it, don’t think about it. The best thing you can do in a relationship is know as little as possible about each other. Your significant other is going to watch porn, that is going to happen. As long as they’re not some weirdo who can’t stop watching it or is jerking off in public you should count that as a win, she never specified if her issue is with the site or with porn in general but it shouldn’t matter. I’ll link the post below but he calls her a hypocrite for making money on OnlyFans but for getting mad that he is buying stuff on there. I would say she is only a hypocrite if she has a problem with him watching porn in general, that would be like me saying you shouldn’t eat meat as I’m eating steak.

Very clearly the girlfriend who posted this is the asshole. This realistically should be a non issue in the first place though.

Worth mentioning, she gives him about 20% of what she makes on OnlyFans for just being cool with her doing what she does. I was reading the comments and someone who says they also make stuff on the site said that if he is in the videos and they are having sex that would triple her profits so he might actually be getting the short end of the stick there. Doesn’t change that she is the asshole.

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