The World’s Weirdest Looking McDonald’s. [A Thread]


When you think of McDonald’s you usually think Big Mac, Skinny fries, Ronald McDonald and Happy Meals.

Usually what we don’t think about is the look of the buildings, because for the most part they look pretty damn uniform.

However I have discovered that around America and around the world there are some crazy ass looking McDonald’s.

Check them out:

First we start with our funeral home McDonald’s.

Bank McDonald’s.

McDonald’s in the jungle.

Anyone up for some Nam Nam’s in Norway?

McDonalds in Flight?


Hop on the McDonald’s Train in Cali..

McDonald’s Mission.. Say a prayer for us while you are there.

McDonald’s Motel?

The McDonald’s Highway Overpass.

I’d like to withdraw 4 burgers please.

High Class McDonald’s.

I strangely want a happy meal.


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