Tekashi 6ix9ine Forced to Move After His Witness Protection Address Was Leaked (Twice)

Last week Tekashi made his grand return to the rap game, weeks after being released form prison. The New York rapper was essentially released from Rikers on a technicality after the Coronavirus pandemic swept through the prison and Tekashi got off due to his asthma. He was immediately put into witness protection, given the events that landed him at Rikers Island in the first place.
The witness protection gig lasted long.
6ix9ine released a song on Friday that he helped promote with a billboard in Times Square and by breaking the Instagram live record with 2 million views in less than 10 minutes. His music video also broke YouTube for good measure. With all this pub, it was only a matter of time until he got discovered.

Him getting his address leak by flexing cash on his very visible balcony was almost inevitable. There is no confirmation that the second address is actually where he relocated to, and a townhouse to a mansion seems a little extreme. But the first video of him on a balcony in Long Island with a chain with the shark from Nemo and a wad of cash is absolutely him. He made his grand return on Friday and got caught up by Saturday afternoon.
I’m starting to think the FBI just doesn’t have a hard job. Whether it was Sixers Twitter finding Bryan Colangelo’s burner accounts, Earl Thomas wife finding his family orgy based on the color of a light bulb, and now teens discovering Tekashi based on Instagram stories, I think everyone raised in the technology age is qualified enough.
So, it appears as though Tekashi will be on the move again. Someone with rainbow hair who is this good at trolling just wasn’t made for a life in witness protection.
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