Surprise: Christian Yelich’s Mom Is A Smoke

Like every other person with a social media account, Christian Yelich took to Twitter to send a simple Mother’s Day message. No fuss, no frills, just a simple “Happy Mother’s Day!” But when Christian hit send on this one it opened up the floodgates in the comment section. So much hornyness on the TL that by Monday morning the post has already been deleted.

What sort of witchcraft is Christian’s mom Alecia using that has her looking young enough to be doing the Savage challenge on Tik Tok? I’d imagine she had this picture saved for an approved Mother’s Day post because it’s exceptionally hot but also realistic, but there’s more evidence to prove Alecia Yelich is the reason MILF was trending for 3 hours on Sunday.




The woman knows her angles. Doesn’t even look remotely like Christian so guys have no reason to keep it classy and turn Mother’s Day in quarantine into a different type of celebration.


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