Mugshot Monday: The Dallas Cowboys


Yes, I am a Dallas Cowboys fan. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t know that they have been a shit show with arrests in the past.

I can make fun of myself, and my team and sleep like a baby at night.

Check out The Who’s Who… Of Cowboys Mugshots:

Image – Zimbio

The Playmaker Michael Irvin.
Image – GossipOnThis

Dez Bryant after beating up his mom.
Image – CBS

Josh Brent, on one of his many arrests. Including killing his former Cowboys teammate in a DUI car accident.
Image – Thespun

Terrance Williams. DUI after crashing his Lamborghini.
Image – NBC

Darren McFadden. DWI.
Image – starlocal

Joseph Randle. During one of his a billion arrests.
Image – mySA

I have no idea who this is. But he was drafted by the Cowboys… Then got arrested with 22 active license suspensions….
Image – TMZ

Marion Barber looks like he’s on the Walking Dead. Arrested for criminal mischief.
Image – Houston chronicle

Damn… Even Dak’s dad out there getting arrested.
Image – The Max

Image – NBC

Remember when the Cowboys signed Greg Hardy after he beat up his girlfriend? That was neat.
Image – NBC

Jay Ratliff. Another DUI.
Image – PFT

Terry Glenn… Arrested again.

I could keep going. But I honestly don’t want to. I am sad now. Hope you enjoyed a laugh at my expense.



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