Michael Jeffrey Jordan Has A Heart After All

AJ Torres

If you watched last nights episodes of The Last Dance you would have saw that Michael Jordan indeed has a big heart. The whole series they try making MJ look as a soulless man who cares for anyone or anything. We saw that to be untrue in episodes 7&8.

At the end of episode 7 he talks about what winning means to him and he started to get choked up. Jordan literally had to take a break cause he couldn’t talk. Episode 8 included a point of view that no one has ever saw from Michael… Raw emotion of sadness after winning the finals on Father’s Day. The first game Finals Michael has won without his father by his side. They show Michael breaking down and sobbing not having his father there to hug and celebrate with as usual.

Jordan is a fearless competition and has his moments of mania due to his hunger to win, but he did it because he wanted to make his players better. That’s what true LEADERS DO. Episodes 7&8 of The Last Dance did a great job of showing us sides of MJ that us fans have never experienced. I respect the man so much more because I know exactly what he felt after that finals win. Losing my father at a young age, I understand the feeling of accomplishing something great without your father there to be right next to you. To see the greatest basketball player and competitor to ever live who supposedly held no emotion but tyranny break down as I have done in the past just gave me the upmost respect for him.

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