I Either Found LeBron’s Burner Account Or The Biggest Loser In The World Or Both


Look we all know LeBron is an amazing player. Easily one of the greatest of all time and if it weren’t for Michael he’d probably be number 1. But unfortunately for LeBron MJ is the king. Always has been and always will be. The most fascinating thing to come out of The Last Dance has been Jordan’s perception and in turn LeBron’s as well. Going into this MJ said after seeing it people are going to think he’s an asshole and it couldn’t be further from the truth. People are loving all this footage and craving more of that ‘win at all costs’ mentality. What’s happened is people are falling back in love with Michael and LeBron fans are panicking.

Which brings us to today’s blog. Over the weekend I found this tweet below.

I mean just a stupid and insane tweet. Not only would Michael not have gone 3-6, LeBron is lucky to even have 3. If Ray Allen doesn’t hit the most improbable last second 3 pointer in game six vs the Spurs he only has 2. And if the Warriors played a little smarter in the 3-1 series LeBron is looking at a sad and lonely 1-8 Finals record. But that’s not for today. Today is all about this twitter account. Because after looking at this tweet I said, “who on earth would believe this? What else does this lunatic think?”

Well let’s see

A lot of pro LeBron hate MJ non sense but this one, this is the one that is just banaland


My goodness. This has to be LeBron. No one on the planet earth is more pro LeBron than LeBron. I can’t believe some random guy out there hates Michael so much that he wants to be married to these takes. I am 10000000% convinced this is him. He is bored looking like Kimbo Slice and needs to stir the pot. Needs to have his ego stroked. And even if this isn’t him, you know LeBron has a burner out there somewhere. He’s too mentally soft not to. Change my mind.

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