Eagles Game By Game Predictions

Week 1: Eagles @ Washington Redskins 1pm. Okay to start off the season the Eagles travel to Landover to take on the Redskins. This is for a sure win for the Eagles. Washington has a young nucelous with a new coaching regime. I love Coach Ron Rivera and he’ll have them boys ready to play, I just believe Carson Wentz and the guys get it done with ease. Also can’t wait for Desean Jackson and Jalen Reagor to burn Ronald Darby for a combined 200 yards. I’m giving the Eagles a W here.

Week 2: Los Angelos Rams vs Eagles 1 pm. To kick off the 2nd week, the Eagles will have their first home game and host the Rams who in my opinion haven’t improved their roster this offseason, they honestly might have gotten worse. They also have to fly across country which is never easy for an opposing squad coming onto Philadelphia. I see the eagles D line having a field day getting to Jared Goff who is skittish against the rush. This game screams a big Ertz and Goedert game to me. Eagles will come out of week 2 with another W and move on to 2-0.

Week 3: Cincinnati Bengals vs Eagles 1 pm. Joe Burrow and the Bengals come to town. A lot of people are writing this game off as an easy win already, but not I. History has shown the Eagles struggle against Cincinnati for some unknown reason. The Eagles all time record against the Bengals is a measly 3-9-1. That being said I think this will be a hard fought back and fourth game that goes into the final minutes as a close game. In the end I see this as a game Jake from Statefarm Elliot seals the deal with a game winning FG. Eagles get the W and move to 3-0.

Week 4: Eagles @ San Francisco 49ers 8:20 pm. The Eagles will fly across country week 4 and face the reigning NFC champs. This game to me comes down to two thing for the eagles. One, they need stop the Niners prolific running attack and make Jimmy Garroppolo beat you. Secondly, Carson has to find the holes in the secondary. You saw in the Super Bowl that this secondary can be beat over the top. The line has to have it’s BEST GAME against San Fran’s ferocious line. Which I do see happening, and the Eagles will be leaving California with another W and rolling to 4-0.

Week 5: Eagles @ Pittsburgh Steelers 1 pm. Ahhhhhh… The good ol battle of PA. A game I wish I could travel to go see. Pittsburgh is a team that’s never going to bad. They do a good job of finding talent when needed. That being said. Big Ben is aged and I think the Eagles youth and new found speed on both sides of the ball will evidently be too much for the Steelers and Philadelphia will keep the streak alive. Another W for the birds and improve their record to 5-0.

Week 6: Baltimore Ravens vs Eagles 1pm. The reigning MVP Lamar Jackson and the Ravens stroll into Lincoln Financial Field for the battle of Wawa. If you don’t understand what that’s supposed to mean, the Ravens recently became partners with wawa and have became the official hoagie of the team. Weird I know, but let’s get back to football. This is the game I have the Eagles getting their first loss. At this point in time, I just think overall the Ravens have the better team. But it’s only May, this could change. Eagles come out of the day 5-1.

Week 7: New York Giants vs Eagles 8:20 pm. Short week for the birds this week. They will be taking on the G men on a Thursday night. Giants had themselves a decent draft recently not gonna lie they are a better team than last year, but not by much. They also have a new coaching regime and a young nucelous similar to the Redskins. Im not in the slightest bit worried about the Giants. Eagles have improved both sides of the ball dramatically especially they’re secondary. The Eagles get through this game smoothly and get the W and 6-1.

Week 8: Dallas Cowboys vs Eagles 8:20 pm. Cowboy week.. Best weeks of the Eagle’s season. Nothing like preparing yourself for one of the best rivalries in sports. Eagles are coming off 10 days rest and Dallas only 7 days rest after facing Washington on the road. Benefits us tremendously. I don’t care that Dallas got Ceedee Lamb in the draft… doesn’t change that their qb is Dak Prescott supposedly for right now, who knows, could be Andy Dalton by then. Dallas secondary is abysmal after losing Byron Jones and Carson Wentz is going to light them up. Eagles get the big fat W and roll into the bye 7-1.

Week 9: Bye

Week 10: Eagles @ New York Giants 1 pm. Eagles take a short bus ride up to the Meadowlands and face the Giants for the 2nd match up of the season. This isn’t going to be long… Similar to the first match up the Eagles pull out an easy W and improve to 8-1.

Week 11: Eagles @ Cleveland Browns 1 pm. The Eagles travel to Cleveland to take on the dog pound. This game is going to be a hard fought battle. I see this as a field goals game, where first touchdown wins. That being said I think Carson Wentz throws that touchdown cause Baker Mayfield stinks. Add another W to the record and move to 9-1.

Week 12: Seattle Seahawks vs Eagles 8:15 pm. This week is where everything starts to get tough for the birds. They start their infamous “murderers row”. Russell Wilson is this teams kryptonite. He’s been whooping our asses ever since the Eagles didn’t trade up to take him in the 2012 draft. He has said multiple times in interviews that Philadelphia is where he wanted to be and where he thought he’d be, so he sticks it to us every time. I don’t see that changing this time either. Eagles take their 2nd L of the season and move to 9-2.

Week 13: Eagles @ Green Bay Packers 4:25 pm. Eagles travel to Green Bay for game 2 of murderers row. After a hard fought battle with Seattle the week before, I see this as a hard game to win for the birds especially away from home. This also will be a revenge game for last years loss, and I see Aaron Rodgers having a dynamite game in spite of it. Eagles get another L and move to 9-3.

Week 14: New Orleans Saints vs Eagles 4:25pm. The Saints come marching into Philadelphia for the last and final game of murderers row. Good news Eagles fans. The birds will be raining on the Saints parade. It’ll be a bitter cold December game. History shows Drew Brees doesn’t do too well in that type of enviornment and I think that’ll work in our favor. Hopefully by this time our fans will be roaring in his ear as well. Eagles will come out victorious and get a W. I will take 1 out of 3 in the murderers rows. Eagles move to 10-3.

Week 15: Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals 4:05 pm. This is the game I think all of Philadelphia wants to make their “road game trip” this year. If fans are allowed in stadiums by then this could be a possible stadium take over. With that being said at this very moment we have no proof of fans in stadiums so I have the Eagles taking an L here after a brutal battle with the Saints the week before. Eagles fall to 10-4.

Week 16: Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys 4:25 pm. This is going to be short and sweet since I hate Dallas. The cowboys split the series and give the Eagles a L making the fight for the NFC alittle closer. Eagles drop to 10-5.

Week 17: Washington Redskins vs Eagles 1 pm. The last and final game of the regular season. The Redskins have to try and ruin the playoff party for the Eagles in Philadelphia. Goodluck with that fellas. With the Redskins playing for a better draft choice, the Eagles get an easy W and improve to 11-5.

I have the Eagles finishing 11-5 and being crowned NFC East champs. This will most likely have them finishing as the 3rd seed in the NFC. I think Carson takes a huge step foward this year, which he has every year of his career. This year is going to be different. They finally surrounded Carson with the SPEED that has been missing his whole career. Also Howie Roseman and the eagles strengthened the defense at all phases of the defense, most importantly the secondary with the additions of Darius Slay, Nickell Roby-Coleman, and Will Parks. If this team can stay healthy they are destined to make some noise.


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