Eagles 2020 Schedule Filled With an Abundance of Pros


Last week, the NFL created another ratings bonanza with the release of their 2020 schedule. For Eagles fans, heading into the schedule release there was a lot to be weary of. When you are a first place team, you play a first place schedule. You get the toughest opponents to knock you off, balance out the league and lead it to parody. But after the schedule dropped, all things considered, there is a lot to excited about. Coronavirus permitting!

  • -Winnable early schedule (home games vs Rams coming East and rookie Joe Burrow)
Love the way that the early season schedule played out with a chance to get out to a fast start. The Rams coming East for the home opener is huge. Everyone always claims that it’s tough for pacific time zone teams to come East. While that may be true, I think what’s more important is the confidence factor this team has had against the Rams. Two of this teams most monumental wins of the Pederson era have come against the Rams. Good to have your home opener against a team like that where you have confidence in the back of your mind.
Really happy the Eagles got the Bengals early.  Joe Burrow isn’t a typical rookie and will likely hit the ground running. But, I’d much rather face him early on the road then with a few months experience under his belt. He likely won’t have a typical offseason program either.  Joe Burrow will be a stud, but it’s a process I’m not sure can be perfected by Week 3.
  • Thursday Night Football at home (FINALLY)
This MUST be some sort of scheduling mistake! The Eagles playing a Thursday night, short week game at home hasn’t happened in four years. The Dallas Cowboys have never played a Thursday road game on a short week, but that’s a complaint for another day. Albeit, the Eagles have won three straight road Thursday games (Panthers, Giants, Packers) so not sure this is the biggest pro. But, for a team that is constantly injured, having three days rest on the road always added an unneeded extra obstacle. Breath of fresh air to play that short-week game at home in 2020.
  • Extra rest to prepare for Cowboys after that

In Week 8 after the aforementioned TNF game, the Eagles get their first tilt with the Cowboys. They have an extended break to get ready, and have to do no traveling at all. Dallas week has always been a 50/50 split and so evenly matched. Any little advantage is crucial, so having this mini-bye before what will inevitably be one of the biggest game of the year is huge.

  • Bye week is smack dab in the middle of the season
The players LOVE this. I speak as if I know any players. But seriously, I always felt part of what derailed Carson/Doug’s rookie campaign was having the earliest bye week possible. That, Lane Johnson getting suspended, and Dorial Green-Beckham being their only receiver option. It’s just really tough to go that long of a stretch playing quality football without getting exhausted when your bye week is that early. Same can be said for a later bye week, toward the end you are just crawling to it. The Eagles have that perfect bye week balance right there in the middle.
  • Murderers row late in season (Seahawks, Packers, Saints) but two of three are at home. Saints will be playing their third straight road game.

This stretch of the season won’t be easy, and it will almost surely be the determining contender vs pretender sequence if things play out correctly. The Eagles literally have never beaten the Russell Wilson led Seahawks. If Alshon catches that ball in New Orleans the Eagles go to two straight Super Bowls. These three teams have combined to end each of the Eagles playoff runs  of the 2010’s. It will undoubtedly be tough. The silver lining of it is two of those three games will be at home. They avoid the Seattle 12th man. They won in Lambeau a year ago. They not only get New Orleans out in the cold in December, it will be the Saints 3rd straight road game. We know first hand as Eagles fans how exhausting a three game road trip can be. It’s hard to find advantages to playing those teams three straight weeks, but they are there.

  • Three game home streak in middle of the season, EXACT OPPOSITE last season

I just referenced the physical and mental exhaustion of the three game road trip. Thanks a lot, Phillies. That stretch almost derailed the Eagles season, aside from their insane amount of injuries. They salvaged it in Buffalo but let’s never do it again. Fast forward one season, and things have completely flipped. They will go Baltimore, New York, and Dallas all at home in October. Two huge division games and the best regular season team of last year. What a stretch to have at home. We talked about the murderer’s row that could derail the season, the three game home streak could make it something special.

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