Dez Bryant Back In The NFC East?

Dez Bryant’s ending in Dallas was pretty ugly. The Jones’s basically left him in limbo and then… Boom, Jerry met with Dez and within a half hour he was no longer a Cowboy.

He then went on to attack almost everyone on the Cowboys. Even long term Cowboys captain Sean Lee, tweeting out, SNEAK LEE!

He finally got another chance with the Saints. But, before he could step on the field in a game he tore his Achilles in practice.

Now, after rehabbing and training he wants back in. He thinks he can still help a team. He has been putting workout videos on social media almost every day. And, he looks half decent.

…He was even taking passes from Dak. Who said Dez should be on a team. All the speculation was that maybe just maybe Dallas and Dez were going to have a reunion.

But then… Boom, the Cowboys draft Cee Dee Lamb. Arguably the best WR in the draft. THEN Jerry gives Lamb 88! Um… Awkward.

Then, the Cowboys signed Andy Dalton to be their backup and Dez wasn’t happy.

So, I would say the Cowboys and Dez rumors are officially done.

But, all the teams in the NFC East could use his help, even if it’s more of a big bodied red zone threat.

And, his anger going against Jerry twice a year would cause nothing but fireworks.

I think he would help the Giants on the field the most, but I would keep his ass away from a young QB. That kind of should keep him away from Haskins and the Redskins, but never doubt Daniel Snyder and the Redskins.

I think the only team/QB that could make it work would be the Eagles. Wentz wouldn’t be phased by his antics.

However, they don’t need him. They have a big old WR in Jeffery. They have two great TE’s. They drafted the “Dez comparable” in JJ last season to go along with Desean and the new young burner Reager.

Still, I could see Dez going to Philly for basically nothing, just to fuck with Jerry, the Cowboys and the fans.

Even if he was just active for the two games against Dallas each year.

It’s a move that makes no sense, but perfect sense at the same time.

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