Carson Wentz Says He Once CAUGHT a Touchdown Pass, You’re Welcome Jalen Hurts


After reaching on Jalen Hurts with the 53rd overall pick in last month’s draft, the Eagles clearly recognize they ruffled feathers with the move based on the full court press run they’ve been on. That being said, it will be inevitable that they mix Hurts into the offense whenever they see fit in order to justify the move. So, everyone has been curious what Carson Wentz thinks the role will be for Jalen Hurts going forward. In an interview with Rob Maaddi that you can find below, Wentz mentions that if they split him out at receiver and Hurts runs the offense, Wentz could handily it. Wentz recalls that he CAUGHT a touchdown back in college.


You can skip to the 7 minute mark to find Wentz discussing his receiver skills.



It would be an interesting wrinkle to the offense but if they are going to pull this bull shit wild car package with Hurts, I would rather Wentz be pulled off the field entirely. Having your quarterback line up as a receiver is pretty much like playing 10 v 11. Flashback to the epic late season win over the Cowboys, the Eagles have already tested out this strategy with Greg Ward!


With Ward and now Khalil Tate, the Eagles have two former quarterbacks converted into the receivers on the roster. They could realistically run these types of sets with either of those two players (if Tate makes the team) but Jalen Hurts is definitely the best thrower of the trio. There are also obviously the highlights people have seen of Hurts playing a little receiver. With the amount assets the Eagles have compiled, they have plenty of options of for wrinkles in the offense. None of them are more efficient than just flat out having Wentz as quarterback, but I digress.


Speaking of Wentz and speaking of his college career, here is leading North Dakota State on a game-winning touchdown drive in the National Championship game. Just a little something for the haters who still think he’s no clutch for some reason:


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