The Eagles Have Offered a Contract to Jadeveon Clowney

Here’s a little something to wake up to this Saturday morning if you’re a Birds fan:

As each day passed, it was inevitable that Howie was going to pick of the phone for the top defensive free agent of the 2020 class. Days are passing, players are signing l, the Seahawks are addressing need and spending money, just not on Clowney. It is the perfect opportunity for a cap master like Howie to swoop in and get a stud player below market value. Well, below what Clowney and his team think his market value is. The top player in free agency has now made it to May and there are barely any nibbles,  let alone a bidding war. The $20 million cap number Clowney’s reps were looking for now seems unrealistic. So, here come the Eagles.
The Eagles currently have $23 million in cap space for the upcoming year but to use $20 million of that would be near impossible. They have other positions to address for depth purposes. Plus, they can really only offer one year deals seeing as they are $50 MILLION OVER THE CAP for next season and that is before Coronavirus potentially shrinks that bubble even more.
Dan Sileo, the man who obviously broke this story, thinks Clowney is overhyped and says the Eagles should “get back on the phone with Jacksonville for Leonard Fournette”. I read that as implying the Eagles had been on the phone before with the Jaguars regarding Fournette. Just don’t see the Eagles taking on a cap hit of $8 million for a running back. They could land Devonta Freeman for half of that, without spending a draft pick (even if it would take a high one to land Fournette).
As for Jadeveon Clowney, here’s my official take on what would be another controversial move: He is overhyped, he is injury prone, but he undoubtedly makes this team better. When the Cowboys drafted CeeDee Lamb, they created an arms race in the NFC East. The Eagles need to load on defense to stop what Dallas is doing. Bringing in Clowney would provide tremendous depth for a D-line thag always looks stout. For a team that wants to compete for Super Bowls while simultaneously lacking depth due to injuries, being in as many good quality players as humanly possible.
Bring in a guy with Pro-Bowl caliber talent on a short term deal who will automatically be playing for his next deal. He cheapshotted Carson Wentz and he’s a scumbag for it.  We don’t have to like him, and he doesn’t have to like us. But now, we can help each other reach our goals.
Days are going by, the clock keeps ticking. Don’t just find a better offer, Jadeveon. Find any offer.
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