Here They Come: Sixers Home Edition

AJ Torres

So we’re about 7 to 8 weeks without Sixers basketball and it’s been dreadful. It’s also been that long since we have been able to listen to the Here They Come victory song after a W. Us fans aren’t the only ones effected by the pandemic, the players have been as well. The Sixers got some of the players to dance and sing to the Historical Sixers song.

First off, Norvel Pelle, is such a vibe and has so much energy, I love it. Matisse Thybulle is so dorky, but I mean that in the coolest way possible. J Rich has so much swag. Last but not least, Furky from Turkey is just simply the man. It’s only a 30 second video, but it brightened up my day. The song alone gets me going, but the addition of the players made it great.

Oh, also here’s an old video I found of Lil Dicky singing the song as well

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