Patient Rolls Out The Back Of An Ambulance Onto A Busy Bangkok Street [Video]


So we are at like day 517106 of quarantine. People are losing their minds and thinking… “How could life be any worse?!”

Welp… It could be worse, a lot worse.

Imagine being strapped to a stretcher in the back of an ambulance. Then all of a sudden the back doors open and boom… The stretcher flying out and… Now you are on your back flying down a busy street in BANKOK!

GIF – Tenor

I mean, look at this shit…

Image – DailyMail
Image – DailyMail

The dude looks likes Keanu Reeves heading under the bus to disarm the bomb in SPEED!

GIF – gifer


Video – DailyMail

2020 just keeps living up to it’s hype!

Feature Image – DailyMail

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