Giannis Antetokounmpo Confirms He Is Not Joining The Warriors

News has trickled out that the Warriors have been prepping for Giannis to join Golden State for the last few seasons.

Being the investigative journalist I am – I decided to take a deep deep dive into Giannis’s internet activity. I don’t want to overstate what I found, but this is HUGE.

Giannis Tweet

Simple deduction shows that greatness = winning & Giannis has confirmed he is chasing greatness.

I wanted to find out which team personifies greatness (aka winning) the most. Let’s take a look at all time franchise wins.


As you can see the Warriors clearly do not personify greatness. Which leaves the question – where will Giannis end up?

Let’s use simple math to see if we can figure it out.

Based on Giannis’s tweet – he is chasing greatness which means the below is true:

Greatness = Winning 

Winning = Celtics

Therefore: Greatness = Celtics

Conclusion: Giannis = Celtics

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