2020 Keeps Getting Worse And Worse, We Have A Blizzard In May


This year has just been throwing absolute haymakers at us left and right. 5 months in and it feels like it just keeps getting shittier. I feel like all the bad things that happened this year if it was more spread out might not seem as bad or if it just gave us a break. It has just been one thing after another and most of them are overlapping which just seems unfair to me.

Brief recap: The Kobe helicopter crash (RIP), The Coronavirus Experience, Murder Hornets. Mix in your usual bat shit political and media circus and you have 2020. Except for it’s May and now the Northeast is getting hit with a “Historic Snowstorm”.

In addition to snow, 75 million people will wake up to below freezing temperatures Saturday. For many cities it will be colder than it was on Christmas Day.

I mean at what point are we going to catch a break? Nevada is getting its first heat wave of the year this weekend and is going to be in the 90s and I’m going to be shoveling snow with a nice Arctic breeze on my back. It was fucking 80 last week dude. Potentially 50 record lows are set to be broken by this fucking storm, absolute bullshit.

When I tell you I need a vacation from 2020 I mean it.

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