Breaking News From John Clayton on NFL Schedule Release

John Clayton, a very well connected ESPN insider, broke some news that is a big piece of the NFL schedule release.


Coronavirus already having a pretty big impact on the upcoming NFL season. The theory that had been floated around is that the NFL was going to put cross-conference as the first four games of the season. That way, if the season needs to be shortened, the first moth will be slashed and it will have the least amount of repercussions. It would be a cut and dry removal of a month’s worth of games without changing around bye weeks and not effecting the matchups within the conference.


As you can see by the tweet, the AFC North is matched up with the NFC East this season. It would make for an interesting first month and ratings galore, given the season can proceed normally. The NFC East is a ratings factory with New York, Philadelphia, and Dallas. The AFC North has the Ravens, who Lamar Jackson made the hottest team in the world last year. Pittsburgh always draws well. And, the Bengals have the new kid on the block, Joe Burrow, who is a hit everywhere he goes. A lot of mocks have the Browns heading into Dallas in Week 1, which honestly would be a zillion times more intriguing than the annual Giants vs Cowboys opener. Mocks also have an all PA Sunday Night Football showdown in Pittsburgh between the Steelers and Eagles. Count me in for all of that.


Only negative to this is for people who like to predict the schedule before it gets released. You can pretty much guess the first month of every team’s season and removes some of the suspense. But, the way things in the sports world have been going, sign me up for any schedule, as long as there is football.

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