Who Would You Start Your Team With Out Of These Players?

This popped up on my timeline courtesy of new guy AJ. I think it is an interesting question and then I read the replies and people were either confused by the question or wanted whoever tweeted it to be fired. God I love Twitter.

Ignoring the stupidity of people let me add some clarity, or at least the criteria I am going off of. It is a draft happening today at the players current age and skill set. We are starting completely from scratch and you are looking to win a title. Remember this is a hypothetical question. Let’s use our imagination and not get hung up on something stupid like who’s the coach. Have some fun people.

Philly fans I get how you are and unfortunately no they’re aren’t any 76ers on this list. Better luck next time.

8th pick. Have to go Trae here. He’s clearly the least talented player today and out of everyone I would imagine he’ll have the least impactful next 5 years. I think this would be the most common answer.

7th. Westbrook. I’m a big Russ guy but this is some pretty stiff competition. It’s simple, I think skill wise he is the 7th best player here and he doesn’t get the age advantage that Luka and Trae get. His game is one of the more physical on this list, he has been pretty healthy for the majority of his career but will he stay healthy over the next 5 years? I hope but not sure.

6th. Lillard. I think this is where people start to get upset with me. This came down to Dame, Harden and Steph. I think skill wise this is pretty close between the three of them but Dame is the odd man out. Don’t get me wrong he’s the most complete point guard in a traditional sense but Steph and Harden fit the future NBA better in my opinion.

5th. Steph Curry. I think when he comes back from injury he will be at full strength but he did just miss most of the season and we can’t ignore that. He’s the best shooter up here but he’s also the second worst defender on the list.

4th. James Harden. I think the positives Harden gives you, while not as high as what Curry gives you his negatives aren’t as low. I think he’s done a good job at being a serviceable defender, given his size and build he’ll get a nod over Curry even if he didn’t improve. Don’t get me wrong he’s far from perfect and you’re going to have to live with him shooting more than he has to but he’s going to average 30+ for you and he knows the best strip clubs in ever city. Win win.

3rd. This will be something I get yelled at about. Lebron James. I think Lebron is having a great year, I think he’s also older than everyone else and I’m not convinced his next 5 years will be at this level. The two guys in front of them are either better today (AD) or 21 years old and making first teams. I’m building a team to win now but I want to be good for years to come. I don’t know if Lebron will be at the level of these other two guys in the years to come.

2nd. This was really hard, I went back and forth a couple of times but Luka. AD isn’t old enough for Luka to get the nod because of his age. AD is better today and probably still has a higher ceiling. Luka might win a scoring title one day but Davis might win a MVP in the next couple of years.

My first overall pick after a grueling two days of thinking this over is Anthony Davis. Age wise he is one of the younger guys here. He is the best defender on this list and for sure has a different style than most of the other guys offensively but who’s stopping him? He’s an underrated passer and a great rebounder. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t win a MVP and a DPOY in the next couple of years all while being on multiple 1st teams. Anthony Davis is the correct pick and that’s why he’s my pick.

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