Bryce Harper Is The Most Likeable Athlete in Philly

AJ Torres

Bryce Harper has been here a little over a year and this dude just screams Philly. Everything about him, from his personality, work ethic, passion and fire for his team. This guy came in from a rival and became one of the foundations of the city. Bryce just gets everything about this city and us fans.

After reading the original caption and the exchange with that troll, it just makes you wanna run through a damn wall for this man. This guy gets me so fired up. The way he describes his love for the city and how much he adores the fans is second to none. On top of that the way he plays the game of baseball, not many in the league play like it. He honestly has a football players mentality, everything is aggressive and emotional. That’s why I think I take a liking to him the most. All I know is I love this dude and I’m stoked he will be a Phillie for the next 12 years.

Twitter: @ajtorres1230

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