Best Drinks To Make For Staying At Home For Cinco De Mayo

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I know we all want to go out especially today but there’s the big bad rona and now we have murder hornets to deal with. Probably best to stay inside for the time being. Now that we’re inside though that doesn’t mean we can’t drink. Let’s look in the fridge or the cabinets and put together a little something something for you to get through the week.

Let’s go ahead and start with just a simple margarita. Grab your favorite tequila, personally I would take a little shot beforehand to get the juices flowing but you do you. Use as much alcohol as you want but for a glass do about 2 ounces of tequila. I’m guessing most of us don’t have triple sec lying around, not a problem just make a simple syrup. I know you have water and sugar so this is easy don’t even sweat it. We’ll want about an ounce of that. Give or take. Grab yourself some lime juice, I like to add a bit of soda water when I make this at home too but maybe you don’t want to. Maybe you’re fancy and have some limes just sitting around, cut those bitches up. You want your rim salted? Ask the bartender, oh wait that’s you. Bang have yourself a night.

Margarita not really your style? Maybe you’re looking for more of a spice or maybe you just don’t like tequila but you’re looking for a nice cold Mexican drink for today. I got you covered.

Let’s get you set up with a Michelada. This is a spicy Mexican beer drink combo thing. It fucks. First you’ll want to pick your preferred Mexican beer, I would recommend Modello. First let’s take those limes you have lying around and run it around around the rim of your cup. Limes are going to work best but you could do lemon or even oranges if you want, remember you’re the bartender. Put some salt in a dish and dip your rim in the salt. Now take a pitcher and put like 6 healthy dashes of hot sauce in the pitcher, add some soy sauce. Use about half the amount of soy sauce. Then add about the same amount of Worcestershire sauce, you can really do any combo that you want depending on what you like. Now let’s go ahead and add the modello to this pitcher of sauce, add ice to your cup and pour the spicy beer into the cup. Throw a lime in there and voila. You have yourself a Michelada. Hopefully it resembles this.

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giforu 02
May 6, 2020 4:29 am

Yes, Everyone want to drink in hot days.

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