Ben Simmons & Joel Embiid Are Putting The Entire City Of Philly At Risk


Ben Simmons & Joel Embiid are putting the entire city of Philadelphia at harm with their selfishness to get better.

A Zilgitt bomb dropped this afternoon & sadly I was not surprised.

As they say – Philly gonna Philly.

So that got me thinking, what are some appropriate punishments for the 76ers*:

  • Ben Simmons must shoot with his opposite hand for the remainder of the season
  • Joel Embiid should have to drink an entire vat of Shirley Temple’s pre-game
  • NBA mandate that the 76ers surround these 2 talents with role players that can’t shoot
  • Must employ a coach approaching 60 with a sub .500 winning %
  • Sign a post player that eats up their cap and plays the same position as Embiid – making it very difficult for them to play together

I think we have a good starting point. Even if just one of these were implemented – the 76ers would be in rough shape.

Moral of the story is don’t be like Simmons & Embiid – practice proper social distancing & act selflessly not selfishly.

*In case you didn’t realize – all these are true for the current 76ers (Yikes).

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