What Do We Think of This Mock Eagles Schedule From a Schedule Leak Source?

There is the rumor out there (check HERE) that the NFL schedule is being released this week, despite uncertainty that it can begin on time. NFL schedule release day and the beginning of NBA Free Agency are the two best non-sport sports days of the entire year for one reason and one reason only: HOPE.
As you watch the schedule and the roster of the team unfold, it leaves you with a sense that things are perfectly coming together for a successful season. So, with that we direct our attention to the Twitter accounts with NFL schedule leaks. Before any leaks occur, they usually put together mock schedules for teams based on information they are hearing ahead of Schedule Release Day.
Luckily for Eagles fans, the schedule release czar is also an Eagles fan. So, one of the first mock schedules is for the Birds. Take a look:

Right off the bat, the fallout from an 0-2 start with losses to the Seahawks and Cowboys would be disastrous. The cesspool we call sports talk radio in this town would spend the entire week demanding Jalen Hurts ahead of the Cincy game.
The schedule somewhat tapers off after that which would be quite the opposite effect compared to last season. The three game stretch on the road almost single handedly destroyed the Eagles season (thanks, Phillies).
A couple things to consider in regards to Coronavirus hindering the season as we know it: It came out today that there will not be any international games for the 2020 season. As it stood, the Eagles were a prime candidate for Arizona’s “home” game that would actually be played in Mexico City. Would’ve been a inquire experience but alas, no longer an option.
Another thing to consider, that even the Schedule Leaks accounts notes, is that the NFL is considering frontloading the schedule with inter conference games. That way, if the schedule needed to be shortened, those would get cut out first in the simplest way possible. Therefore, the late December matchup in Week 15 against the Ravens likely would occur much sooner under this contingency plan.
All in all, these mocks are start to a puzzle that will continue to be pieced together as we approach Schedule Release Day.
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