Baseball is BACK!


With the MLB season being pushed back indefinitely – us Americans have no idea when we will be getting our past time back.

Good news for you, a huge step forward in the global sports world happened today. Baseball is officially back.

The Korean Baseball League (KBO) is slotted to return starting tonight (or early tomorrow morning depending where you live). We officially have live sports & something to gamble on – Hallelujah!

You’re probably muttering to yourself, “Great I know nothing about the KBO or Korea in general – who cares.” Well lucky for you I am your official Branded Sports KBO insider. Being half Korean – the entire side of my mother’s family lives in South Korea so I have a unique perspective on #ThisLeague. I will be in contact with my sources (AKA my cousins) daily to get the most up to date news, gossip, & gambling advice.

Let’s start out with a few KBO details:

ESPN has picked up the KBO and will show live games

What games will be shown on ESPN?

What if I want to watch a game not on ESPN?

Naver TV in the app store is a solid alternative according to my cousin.

What Team Should I Root For?

I am an LG Twins fan. My family in Korea roots for this team and when I visited I went to an LG Twins home game.

There are many interesting details and tidbits about each team, so choose wisely:

  • The Bears are similar to the late 90s Yankees – making 5 straight championship games
  • The Twins have 2 Americans leading their starting rotation (Casey Kelly / Tyler Wilson)
  • Matt Williams manages the Tigers
  • The Giants have one of their best players stuck overseas (Adrian Sampson) – who knows when he will be eligible to return.

Any gambling advice?

Full disclosure, my inside source does not gamble but he gave me a little tip.

I will be analyzing the KBO and putting out periodic tips so we can gamble together throughout the season – keep an eye out on my Twitter for up to date tips.

What is the atmosphere like in stadium?

Unfortunately, these games will not have any fans (s/o COVID19), but normally these fans are wild.

Watch this clip starting at the 4:50 mark. I would compare it to a big time college football crowd.

Keep an eye out for more KBO analysis & Happy Opening Day!

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