Barstool Addresses The ‘Call Her Daddy’ Saga

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Page Six: “A Barstool rep tells Page Six that, “In the case of ‘Call Her Daddy,’ we took a risk on unproven talent and put the full resources of Barstool Sports and our million-dollar marketing machine behind them to make them huge.” The rep told us that they’ve been given “significant raises.” “The goal with all of our talent here, including Alex and Sofia, is that at the end of their contract, their personal brands are worth far more than when they started.”

They added, “We take risks on talent and try to make them superstars. We believe it is a win-win for everybody.”

So if you’ve been paying attention the Call Her Daddy girls have been hosting a hold out basically. Not recording episodes, selling #FreeTheFathers shirts and playing a game of passive aggressive Instagram posts. Barstool up until now hasn’t said anything publicly, mainly because they didn’t have to. They own the rights. If you look at this in a legal battle sense it’s basically case closed. If you don’t like it cry about it. The CHD girls are acting as if they were a cash cow before arriving to Barstool which couldn’t be further from the truth. And Page Six goes on to break down their current contracts.

“The contract says they’re each making $75,000 annually as a base salary — going up to $100,000 after three years — with an additional $2,500 an episode for every 10% of listeners that they can pull in above their average. The deal adds up to a steady six-figure take-home, insiders estimate.”

If they were smart they would have just asked to renegotiate their contracts, which maybe they did, but they have been completely delusional and dysfunctional. Them and their fans seem to have no logical understanding of who made who.

I mean, that tweet seems like it has to be a joke but that’s Daddy Gang 101. Barstool was a multi million dollar company long before these two were glock glocking.

Dave, Erika and Barstool as a whole would have probably given CHD girls whatever they were asking for if they would show even an once of loyalty to the brand. From day one they’ve made it clear, they aren’t going to come to the office and work, they aren’t going to do any content outside of the podcast (ie. Tommy’s makeover) and basically refusing to work in the Barstool universe. Dave has made it clear that he values loyalty and if you turn your back on the Barstool brand, you’re not going to get a long leash. Look at what happened to Francis. Yes his blog was beyond stupid but he also wasn’t on great terms prior to the incident. He was trying to push his own brand over the company’s so when it came time for Barstool to show loyalty back, they weren’t going interested. As they shouldn’t.

Page Six couldn’t get a response from the CHD girls so there is more to come. When they do get past the legal stage it will make for some fantastic radio. This will be Dave’s Grudgement Day Part III.

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