Backyard Fantasy Football League: Week 3 Live Blog


Three weeks into this unreal fantasy league I stumbled upon and either I have serious beginners luck, or I am pretty good at this. Most points in the league the first two weeks but a long way to go. This week will be my toughest test yet as I face the only other 2-0 team in the league.

Most of the games have been played but the majority of my team hasnt’t played yet. They must be in the Primetime games. Ever heard of it? It’s for the teams that are good.

Check out what’s going on with my team, Pablo and the Melonheads below:

BFFL Week 3 Scoreboard from BackyardBaseball



  • Vicki Kawaguchi goes from scoring 77 points…to scoring 7. What wild inconsistency. She must be the tiny Asian girl version of Mike Evans in this league.
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