“His Tape Was Fantastic” One NFL Analyst LOVES a Receiver the Eagles Pulled On Draft Day


The general consensus among Eagles fans is that Day 2 of the NFL Draft was a catastrophic disaster. But, Day 3…Day 3 we may have something. In a really deep wide receiver draft, the Eagles scooped up two of them on the last day, not including their 6th round flip of Marquise Goodwin. So, when Inside the Birds had famed scout, Greg Cosell on the podcast, they had a lot of good things about the wide receiver crop. They spent a good amount of time discussing Jalen Reagor and rightfully so. But, one of those Day 3 guys caught their attention the most:

“John Hightower…I liked him a lot. He was a fun watch for me because he was a classic case of what I love the most about the draft. He was a guy I knew nothing about and I watched him before the combine, I don’t even know why I did. But I really think he can be an ascending player. He’s got length, he’s got fluid movement, he’s got good speed, he flashed a sense of good route running with his vertical stem…there’s a lot to like and develop.”


SOLD.  Say anything nice about an Eagles receiver and I’m in. The bar was set pretty low after last year. You basically just had to have opposable thumbs and not be injured for me to think you were the next Terrell Owens. With all these speed guys surrounding Carson Wentz for the first time in his career, next stop is the moon. From Dorial-Green Beckham to Mack Hollins, it’s been certifiably ridiculous the lack of help Wentz has gotten since his rookie year. The only year he had some real weapons, he damn near have MVP. With guys like Hightower, maybe we have something cookin for our QB this year.

When Daniel Jeremiah said Quez Watkins played like a speedboat pulling away from canoes, I was sure that was the receiver that was going to breakthrough for the Eagles. With the wise words of Greg Cosell, maybe now it’s John Hightower. With the luck of Eagles skill position players lately, it wouldn’t hurt for it to be both.

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