Dalton to the Cowboys

AJ Torres

According to Adam Schefter, Dallas Cowboys and Andy Dalton have agreed to a 1 year deal worth up to 7 million dollar with 3 million guarenteed. Dalton was just released two days ago by the Bengals. Everybody under the sun figured Bill Bellichek would swarm in and scoop Dalton up from free agency. Instead what do ya know, cockroach Jones decides to create a little qb controversy of his own down in the lone star state.

Word is there has been tension building up with Dak Prescott and the Cowboys over their contract negotiations. Dak wants a 3-4 year deal and the Cowboys want to complete a 5-6 year deal. Could bringing in Dalton be a tactic to change Dak’s stance on negotiations? Or could it be a legitimate signing to possibly win a starting job due to a lack of budge from Dak’s side. Who knows with this team…

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