What Is Happening With The Patriots QB Situation

The writing has been on the wall for Dalton for awhile now but he has officially been released. Which of course starts the speculation of where he will go. Which team will sign this life long average player on the back half of his career? Naturally the Pats name gets brought up because Brady left. I don’t want Dalton, at all. I’m hearing he is heading to the Jags but we’ll see, until then speculation is running rampant as it tends to do with this team.

I wasn’t going to write this, I don’t care enough. I was going to let Bill figure it out and just hope he picks the right guy but I saw Hoyer trending on twitter and didn’t love what I saw.


Since when are the Patriots in the market for Aaron Rodgers? And since when would Rodgers be a backup to Stidham!? I agree with Cam, I would rather him than Dalton but I want him and Stidham to fight for the starting job. I’ve seen way to many people hand the keys of the castle to this very unproven 24 year old. Let’s take a breath guys. This is the current QBs signed to the roster, I expect to only have 2 QBs on the team once the season starts and my dream scenario those 2 are Cam and Stidham.

As a collective, Patriot fans. Let’s stop putting so much pressure on this QB group to succeed immediately, it probably won’t happen and you’re just going to drive yourself crazy. Also let’s not act like Dalton is an upgrade or even a viable option. We don’t want him on our team unless he’s getting Edelman some water.

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