UPDATE: Maybe Britney Spears WASN’T Built For A Quarantine


Just two weeks ago I emphatically endorsed Britney Spears as our quarantine ambassador.  It seemed to suit her, dancing along to some Justin Timberlake classics on her back patio.

Now we found out why Britney was spending so much time outside. It’s because she nearly burned down her home gym with 2 Chesapeake Bay TJMaxx candles, probably Vanilla Cookie scented.

I am candle obsessed, some might even call it an addiction. It’s never crossed my mind once to light up during a workout. I don’t want to judge Britney for this move, because sometimes a candle is the difference between life or death. But how do you possibly cause a fire with one? What’s even flammable in a home gym? Isn’t it mostly just metal and plastic?

We need to know more details about this house fire, Brit. Did it stay just in the home gym? How long did it take you to notice? Why isn’t there someone following Britney out of every room checking for errant candles? For someone with a past like Brit’s, you’d think she’d have a full time staffer on this.

Noticeably absent from this video was Brit’s signature black lace choker. I hope it wasn’t lost in the fire.


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