The Little League World Series Has Been Cancelled For the First Time In Its History

Anytime a sporting event gets cancelled these days, it comes as a shock to no one. But, we seemed to have forgotten about one of the staples of the summer sports season. For the first time since the 1940’s there will be no Little League Baseball in Williamsport this year:

The Little League World Series typically runs through the entirety of August, concluding a week before Labor Day, or the weekend before the kids go back to school. So, some may be wondering why this event is being cancelled months ahead while the NFL gets set to release a schedule for a season that would commence soon thereafter.

Firstly, the Little League World Series is a culmination of a baseball season for all-star travel teams that lasts the entire season. We see the best of the best in August, but don’t see the journey that got them there May through July. We will not be having sports anytime soon, so there was going to be no chance for Little League teams to earn their birth in Williamsport.


Also, they run into the same problem that the Olympics run into. Having teams travel from all over the world, to then blend together in one spot is a recipe for Coronavirus disaster.


The LLWS is always there for us in the dog days of summer after the NBA season has ended and before the NFL season begins. There will definitely be a void without watching 12 year olds who look as old as I do rip one into the night.


Here are some of the best LLWS moments. Remember the King of Dingers:

In honor of Jake Fromm getting drafted, let us not forget he was firstly a Little League legend who went yard pretty much every plate appearance:

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