Jerry Jones Is A Control Freak

Ceedee Lamb gets drafted and expects to have his pick of the litter of numbers to choose from. Lamb had the mind set on choosing 10 to be on his jersey. Yea….. that didn’t happen. Jerry Jones stepped in and wouldn’t allow Lamb to pick his own number. This clown is forcing him to wear 88. Word is it’s for Jerry’s old friend Jerry Lamb who passed away but, that’s not for Jerry to decide for Lamb. He’s stealing the kids freedom of having the number he wants just to make himself feel good. If he felt that strongly about the number 88, have the jersey retired for the man. No, Jerry is using his power card once again to force Ceedee into wearing that number. I’ll tell ya man, Jerry Jones is a control freak, power hungry egomaniac and is a DICTATOR. Dude just sucks and there is nothing else to it.

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