Despite The NCAA Rule Change, A New NCAA Video Game Is Almost Impossible, Here’s Why

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Big news today, the NCAA got squeezed out by the NBA and the G-League so they caved to allowing athletes to profit off their name, likeness and image. Which is a huge win for the athletes and honestly way over due. The NCAA is ran by the devil himself. So this got all of us excited for the return of NCAA Football video game. Easily one of the best video games ever created.


Unfortunately it sounds like it still may never happen.

247 Sports: “This announcement doesn’t look like it will be changing much for the a potential return of the game. According to a tweet from 247Sports’ Chris Hummer, the decision is not set to bring back the game right away. In his tweet, Hummer pointed out from the NCAA’s detailed report that the working group is, “not recommending any changes to the NCAA rules to permit group licenses of student-athlete NIL in what are characterized as group products (like video games.)

Hummer wasn’t the only one with unfortunate news for those fans. College football writer Nicole Auerbach tweeted that Val Ackerman, Big East Commissioner, said that group licensing — such as video games and replica jerseys — is “unworkable in college sports” due to the lack of a union/bargaining unit.”

I mean what the shit does that even mean? Just change the rule completely. Let’s stop half assing this thing. If you get this approved it would be the top grossing game of all time. What is the hold up here? Get a union, get a bargaining unit, do whatever it takes but get me college football back on my god damn xbox. I’m over here playing 2013 with RGII like a neanderthal. I need Joe Burrow dropping bombs all over Oklahoma. For the love of god FIX IT

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