Basketball in Walt Disney World?

AJ Torres

The title is not misleading. The NBA has chosen Walt Disney World in Orlando as a possible location to finish out the remainder of the season. Many of other locations have been discussed but it is deemed that Disney may make the most sense be the only location of basketball play for the rest of the year.

We all know Disney’s housing and hotel stay is enormous. There would be no issue bringing in all 30 nba teams and their personnel to stay in resorts, not to mention there would be plenty of space for social distancing. Think about it, Disney World is 39 miles wide. The Nba and Disney could easily find a way to figure this out.

Another reason is Disney owns ESPN, and Disney World is the home of ESPN Wide World of Sports. They have plenty of basketball facilities for teams to hold practices, games, etc. The EWWS has 12 broadcast ready to go facilities and anything else the NBA would need to produce a stream for their fans.

Last but not least, the partnership between the NBA and Disney has been strong for many years. From Disney owning ESPN and airing games on ABC, they have built a healthy relationship throughout the years. Also just recently “The NBA Experience” at Disney Springs just opened on August 12th, 2019 and it received great feedback from those who have visited. The attraction for Disney and has brought a lot of fans and tourists from all over the world to live out your hooping fantasies with over 13 games and activities.

If there is a NBA season, in my opinion Disney is the most logical place to resume basketball activities. Adam Silver and the NBA have a tough task on their hands but this seems like an easy decision to make

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