A Teaser For Alex Smith’s Documentary Showcases Just How Gruesome His Leg Injury Was


This week, ESPN and E60 are presenting a special documentary detailing Alex Smith’s road to recovery after his horrific leg injury in the 2018 season. The E60 special, titled ‘Project 11’ dropped a teaser showing Smith’s rehabilitation process and Alex discusses how they practically put his leg back together:


I am not a religious person. I am the type who goes to church twice a year, once on Easter and once on Christmas. But I am starting to become a believer in the saying, “God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers”. Because it is remarkable the calmness in which Alex Smith discusses how they took muscle and skin from other parts of his body, just to save his leg.

The injury wasn’t just career threatening, it was life threatening. After the compound leg fracture he had surgery and was set to be released around Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, that was far from the end. Doctors told him he was “septic” and infections in the leg had spread to his blood. He had 17 follow-up surgeries and almost had to have his leg amputated before he finally was able to leave the hospital.


The documentary will air this Friday at 7:30pm and will capture the full extent of Alex Smith’s road to recovery.

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