Kristin Cavallari And Jay Cutler’s Divorce Is Getting Very Messy

It’s been two days since the Cavallari-Cutler’s announced their impending d word divorce. Despite the initial heartbreak and devastation, it appears things with America’s favorite monotonous couple actually hates each other.

According to the extremely reputable news outlet, The Blast, Jay Cutler filed for divorce on April 21st. He references their prenup, designed specifically for this occasion, and it looked pretty straightforward that they would divide their assets in half and also their children (in the legal sense not physically that sounds dangerous).

However, Kristin is claiming the separation actually happened on April 7th which I believe is exactly the day they returned from their 3 week escapade in the Bahamas. She filed a counter for primary custody of the kids, and threw in a mention that “they have retirement and other certain benefits from the National Football League that were accumulated during the marriage”.

The biggest bomb drop is that Kristin is claiming “inappropriate martial conduct” in the hopes that null and voids the prenup. Does this have anything to do with those rumors that Jay cheated with Kristin’s now ex-best friend Kelly?

“While Kristin insisted the rumor wasn’t true, she accused her friend of “fueling the fire” by continuing to mention Jay on social media and never apologizing to her for adding to the allegations. -TheSun

Sure doesn’t sound like the rumor isn’t true but more of a PR nightmare no one wants to deal with. Maybe The Hills re-boot is in consideration after all.

For obvious reasons I do not know too much about how prenups work and don’t work. In my opinion I don’t think Kristin Cavallari should be given money professionally earned by Jay Cutler because whatever money he earned was done earnestly and you can rest assure it’s something he absolutely did not want to do in the first place. When you’ve got your own reality show on E! which would never have survived without the random appearances from your sassy husband, I think you should cut your losses and move on.

Unless all of that was outlined in their prenup and then Jay Cutler cheated on her and in that case fuck him, fuck all men and give K-Cav everything.

Kristin’s petition asks the court to award her child support, grant her primary custody of their kids, and have Jay pay her attorney fees. She makes no mention of enforcing a prenuptial agreement in her petition. –BSO

From what I’ve heard Kristin has hired one of the most legit divorce attorney’s in the biz, and from what I know about Jay Cutler, I cannot see him putting up too much of a fight on anything.

Regardless, with how devastated people have been about this breakup, they are certainly not going to enjoy hearing about a painful and contentious divorce.  The first time those of us with divorced parents are at an advantage.



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