Cowboys Are Still the Cowboys

AJ Torres

Okay, so this past weekend the Cowboys had a great draft. Nobody can deny that. But if we’re really being honest, the cowboys have had a lot of great drafts and free agency’s over the past 20 years but guess what, they have amounted to nothing and they’re still gonna cowboy… They haven’t been able to make noise in the playoffs in 25 years and that’s going to continue with the likes of Dak Prescott being their quarterback. It’s the same recipe they had when Tony Romo was around. Regular season warriors but choke come playoff time.

They have a new coaching regime in town, and that’s not going to just click right away. Another thing that cracks me up is that old geezer Jerry Jones decides to hire in my opinion one of the most overrated coaches in my lifetime. That’s not the funny part, the funny part is his offensive scheme takes the ball out of their best players hands (Zeke Elliot). McCarthy tends to air raid the ball and has always been about that. Cowboys fans, goodluck with Dak trying to win you game after game… LOL, just another reason why the cowboys are always gonna cowboy. Eagles fans should not be worried about the Cowboys and it should stay that way until stank Prescott is their QB1 and we have Carson Wentz. Sorry Kmess #FLYEAGLESFLY

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