Missing Phillies Baseball

The corona virus has really done a number on my mental state of mind. I am going absolutely crazy without having all the sports available to watch and discuss with everyone, especially my Phillies. Not being able to come home from work and just know the Phils will be on at 7:05 multiple times a week is really getting to me. Looking forward to hearing Tom Murphy and Crucker announce the games, just babbling about anything. I don’t know when and I don’t know how but the MLB needs to figure something out immediately.

The ball park is something us baseball fans all really miss tremendously. Going down tailgating with a bunch of your family & friends, drinking some brews, having a catch, and playing some baggo hours before first pitch are things we truly took advantage of. Especially those early 1:05 starts on Saturday and Sunday where you can plan a dayload and an all night event after the game. Just grueling not being able to watch Bryce Harper, my favorite athlete in Philadelphia make this city absolutely fall in love with him night in and night out. Cant forget to mention the best mascot in sports history, the phanatic. I mean, we even miss the sound of the miller lite guys screaming “COOOOOOLD MILLEEER LIIIIITE”. Last but not least…. That sound of the bat making perfect contact with the ball…. man, there’s not many sounds in this world better than that

All in all, the sport of baseball is really missing in this town and I’m praying it returns ASAP

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