Adam Schefter Suggests Coronavirus as Reason Eagles Drafted Jalen Hurts…Wait What?

105.3 The Fan: “Now in this day and age, I’ve had teams tell me it’s more important than ever to have a backup quarterback in this pandemic,” Schefter said. “We’re going to be playing next year, coronavirus is out there, Covid-19 – what if your quarterback gets the virus?

“It’s an interesting situation here. I think there are more problems now than ever before, and now I think teams are looking to shore up the most important position in this sport, and that’s why the Eagles [drafted Hurts].”

While the NFL still plans to have a season in 2020 and is working on contingency plans, Schefter’s theory raises more questions on how the league would handle such a situation.”

I mean what are we talking about here? We’ve got NFL teams now worried about coronavirus? Listen Adam is the best in the game, there’s no arguing that. But this seems like a stretch. You draft Jalen because you’re scared of injury. Fine. I’m alright with that. A little early for a back up quarterback but at least that makes sense. Drafting a back up quarterback because you’re scared your first string guy might get the cold. I am not buying that.

You still got A lot of unpacking to do from this draft but this may be the wildest story to come out so far.


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