Handicapping the Branded Chip-Off Championship

It’s been rough time for sports fans lately. Even worse for gamblers. It started with the NBA season being halted, then others soon followed. The NCAA Tournament being completely cancelled was what made it really set into our heads; things were going to be different for a long time. The following weeks were dreary for us sports bettors; kudos to us for being creative enough to find Russian ping pong matches and Belarus soccer to bet on. Taiwan bball was available. Now there is Chinese baseball starting up. We have had to scrape the bottom of the barrell to find stuff to bet on, but where there is a will, there is a way.

Now, our patience is about to pay off. The sports world had its first win in awhile last weekend with the Chicago Bulls documentary, The Last Dance. It was not a game, but for once, the whole sports world was watching, talking about and tweeting about the same thing. It was a great feeling. Then the NFL Draft gave us the first big sporting event in what feels like 2.5 years, but has actually only been about a month and a half. But all of this is peanuts compared to what Saturday has in store for the sports world. Thats right, the country will be shifting it’s collective attention to one event: The Branded Sports Chip-Of Championship Tournament.

Many will enter, one will win. And lucky for you, we have the official starting odds to win this tournament. Now these options may not be available on any of the legal sites, but you show this column to your local “guy” and he’d be foolish not to give you some action.

Full details (except note new start time is Saturday) about this tournament can be found here.

First Round Matchups

Rob E vs Kmess (-4 over/under 12 shots made) Kmess is a force to be reckoned with. He entered last weeks match against Jay Roget as a 4.5 favorite can came away with the 5-0 victory. It is a lot to expect a player to leave it all on the course in round one, so there might be some value in taking the dog here. Kmess knows he just needs to survive and advance.

Joey Boats vs Russ Joy (-1.5, o/u 10.5) – Joey Boats couldn’t even win Barstool Idol, so how can we expect him to pull of a W here. We haven’t fully scouted Russ’ golf game yet, but he just seems like the type that would have some weird form that shouldn’t work, but drops it where he wants it more often than not

Jay Roget  vs Drew Smith (-2, o/u 11) – Drew Smith is a 4 year varsity golf player in high school. That makes him the heavy favorite to win the tournament. Was he really? I don’t know because I have never met Drew, but he talked a big game on Twitter and that is enough for me to set the line in your favor


We’ll see if Jay can shake last weeks drubbing at the hands of Kmess, but the odds are not in his favor

Biz (-1.5, o/u 12) vs Garvey It’s the face off of two dudes from our friends at @NEdegenerate. The match itself is close to a toss up, but sharp money is coming in on the over. You got two guys, repping the same name; neither is going to want their afternoon to end. I expect surprisingly competent play, and a total of 13.

Like all events, there will be in game wagering as the event takes place. But This is every first round match up, lined perfectly. Now, who do you got?

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