Alinity Is BANNED By Twitch

Alinity has been banned by Twitch. It seems like people have been upset about Alinity not being banned for several things in the past but today they got her. I think we’re all adults here so we should know the world isn’t fair. A lot of big time streamers get away with things that we wouldn’t get away with if we were streaming to 10 people. If you bring money in for Twitch they let a lot of shit slide. Alinity seems to get the Twitch pass more than most.

She got into a lot of trouble on Twitter when she went unpunished for giving her cat vodka. Or that time she threw her cat. I mean people wanted her cats taken away from her, truly madness by the blue check marks and 15 year olds.

Twitch wasn’t able to stand by and sit on their hands here though. They’ve tightened up on this recently but to be honest they have had a strict no nudity policy for quite some time. I mean I’ve seen first hand a streamer with about 50 viewers get banned for wearing a real tight, somewhat see through shirt. Twitch doesn’t play when you might fuck their money up. I guess they thought she was going to fuck the money up with this.

She has been banned (for 3 days). We’ve seen this song and dance with her and every other internet person to get in trouble for anything. They serve their suspension, they comeback say sorry and that’s it. Nothing actually changes. They still make money, Twitch still makes money and random blue checks on Twitter still get mad.

Life is a flat circle.

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