CeeDee Lamb Confirmed Has Quick Hands; Won’t Let His GF Even Touch His Phone

No doubt if the 2020 NFL draft happened in person in Vegas like it was supposed to, CeeDee Lamb was coming with the chains. I can only imagine what CeeDee’s smoke girlfriend would have broken out in Vegas too, though it’s a possibility this was the Vegas outfit and she said fuck it and wore it anyways.

Considering Oklahoma was assigned as my college team in last years #Battle4ThePeach on Branded Sports, in partnership with GameDay Guide, the only college games I watched last year were Oklahoma games. It got me a free trip to the Peach Bowl, and it didn’t take me long to realize that CeeDee Lamb was the real deal.

As he started dropping to 10-12 it started to get a little nerve wracking for me as just a CeeDee fan, but for CeeDee himself it must have been a full blown panic. He has everything you want in a star wide receiver. He knows he’s good. He was wearing like 4 chains. And he had his hot girlfriend sitting next to him on draft night. That’s a recipe for a first round WR pick if I’ve ever seen one.

Noticeably, CeeDee also had multiple cell phones. With 2 different numbers, is one phone for professional contacts, the other for his crew? What’s the point of having 2 phones? Seems like a lot of work to maintain both. Unless the second one was for something a man in a loving relationship might not need. Sure looks like there was something on CeeDee’s phone he did not want his hot girlfriend to see.

It wasn’t even like that? I mean, come on CeeDee, it was exactly like that. She tried to swipe your phone to sneak some snooping in while you were busy getting drafted in the first round of the NFL draft and didn’t know she was looking through for thirst traps and Snapchats.

Draft night for a first round girlfriend has got to be tough too. You’re on TV, it’s your first shot at making a name for yourself. Are you headed for wife or side piece territory? My girl thought maybe she’d catch CeeDee off guard; busy with getting drafted by America’s team. Too busy to notice she swiped one of his two phones.

Not on CeeDee’s watch. With hands like that, I’m convinced the Cowboys are headed to the Super Bowl. She didn’t even have a shot at guessing the passcode before CeeDee ripped that thing from her fingertips.

His mom sat by just clowning on this girl too. Like did you guys just catch what my son did to that girl? The glimmer of home in her eye just disappears when that phone is ripped away. The ultimate professional though. She knows what she’s doing.



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