Beating A Dead Horse, Let’s Talk About The WRs Taken Last Night

If you missed it, last night Branded had our High Stakes Draft where if you predicted a pick and was wrong you had to drink. Needless to say we all drank on several occasions. Now the hot topic on the stream last night and social media all day today has been the WRs that were taken, who took them and where.

First, the Raiders took Ruggs at 12. Talk about a reach. Aidan said it best last night on the stream, Raiders picked for speed not for talent. I don’t know if Ruggs is going to be a stud or a bust but I know at best he’s the third WR I would take. I think if you’re only picking for speed you hope Ruggs is still there at 19 or take Reagor at 19 if Ruggs is gone (if speed is the only thing you’re looking at). Use 12 to take Lamb or Jeudy or fill one of your other holes but this felt like a reach.

The Bucs and 49ers both not taking a WR was a shock and somehow Jeudy, who is for sure top ten talent falls to Denver at 15. I think the injury talk is just that. Talk. I think Jeudy is going to be very good, love this pick.

In the stream we were convinced Atlanta was either taking Lamb or the Eagles were going to swoop in just one pick ahead of Dallas and take him. Nope Eagles don’t make the move and Atlanta takes a CB which miraculously gave us this moment live last night.

One pessimistic Cowboys fan, two optimistic Eagles fans and a WR falling way to far for no real reason. Just a perfect situation. From the sounds of it Falcons wanted the Eagles first and second round pick to move up and get CeeDee, I think they should have done it but instead they stayed at 21 to take Reagor. I blogged about him like a week ago I think he’s good but I think unless your just looking for speed he isn’t the pick for them. I think Jefferson is going to end up being the better player, not as explosive but the better overall once their careers are done. I thought that before the draft and now today the Patriots put this video out and maybe it means nothing but I think it says a lot.

Before trading with the Chargers they mention that the Vikings just took Jefferson. Maybe just a statement of fact but if you didn’t plan on taking Jefferson why does it matter that the Vikings took him? Was that the Pats pick if he was still there at 23? Like I said maybe it was just a throw away comment but I think the Patriots planned on taking Jefferson before trading out of the first. Which to me makes me like Jefferson just that much more.

With some good WRs still left we’ll see what happens tonight.

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