The Final Mock Draft Projections For the Eagles Heading Into Tonight

Well, we are down to just mere hours before the NFL Draft officially begins and the Eagles situation is murkier than ever. Will they take a receiver? Will they even have a CHANCE to take a receiver? Will the take a linebacker? Will they take a 27 year old volunteer firefighter? Who knows.

But, the proud few of the Mock Draft world have a lot more connections that us. Here is their final projections heading into tonight:

Daniel Jeremiah: Kenneth Murray – Linebacker – Oklahoma

Great that we are starting with Murray because that seems to be the popular trend in these mocks for the Eagles. Jeremiah has the core four receivers going in order starting at 12 with CeeDee Lamb to the Raiders. So, the Eagles get nowhere close on them. The other receivers would likely be a reach at 21. Ergo, the Eagles end up with Murray.


Mel Kiper: Kenneth Murray – Linebacker – Oklahoma

Told ya this would be a popular one. But, Kiper’s mock draft would be hilarious if it played out as he sees it happening. The Eagles do take Murray, but Henry Ruggs is still available and Kiper has him going the very next pick to the Vikings. I almost want that to happen just to see the Philadelphia fan chaos that would ensue.


Todd McShay: Patrick Queen – Linebacker – LSU

Another linebacker but this time it’s Queen. Would be a great name on the back of an Eagles uniform. Analysts seem to be split 50/50 on which linebacker is tops in the back half of this draft. I have the utmost faith that whichever one the Eagles do not select and falls to the Ravens will be the one who becomes the All Pro. Prayers up to McShay by the way, he’s recovering from Coronavirus and unable to cover the draft tonight.


Peter King: Henry Ruggs III – Wide Receiver – Alabama 

Hooray! We did it! We finally landed a receiver that is fast in an imaginary draft. King is one of the only people who have the receivers falling to the Eagles at 21. He also expects Alshon Jeffery to be traded during the draft so that may be even more eye opening than whoever they take in the 1st round.


Seems like the general consensus is, the Eagles would LOVE one of the core four receivers. But, they might not stand a chance of ever getting the option to draft one. Thus, all the linebackers in the mocks.

The Eagles are floating in no mans land at 21. They may go all in and trade up, or completely bail out and trade back for more picks. Neither option would be surprising. In fact, the Eagles actually making a pick in the 21 slot might be the most surprising option of them all.


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