CeeDee Lamb To The Eagles Is Looking More Like A Reality

Rumors are flying right now that the number 11 pick that is currently held by the Jets could be on it’s way to Philadelphia. If that were to happen it would most definitely be use for CeeDee Lamb, the absolute stud from Oklahoma. He would immediately impact this offense and be a weapon Wentz needs. So far there are two big rumors we’ve heard. Douglas and picks to the Jets and the other one being picks and Dillard.

Personally I say sign me right up for Douglas over Dillard. I think the kid has a bright future at a position that needs to get younger quicker. But if you’re going to jump 10 spots you’ve got to give up something of substance. This isn’t sports radio where fans call and say “Sixers should trade Noel and a 2nd for LeBron James.” This is real life.

But landing maybe the best wide receiver in the draft feels like a pipe dream right? No so fast.

Give me CeeDee. Please dear god make this happen. Carson needs a weapon he can trust and he doesn’t’t have it outside of Ertz. I don’t like to get myself all excited but I’m already here. I need it, I want it.


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