I’m Over Tom Brady, Signed An Annoyed Pats Fan

That’s right I blocked him and I suggest you all do too. Was a slightly annoyed when Brady signed with Tampa? Sure. Was I aggravated when reports were the decision was made to leave the Pats before last year even started? A bit. Did I feel slighted when Gronk came out of retirement to get traded for a 4th round pick just to leave the team? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t kind of bothered by it. You know what bothered me more though? People not being bothered.

I need someone to explain to me how you guys don’t care at all but do it like I’m a child. Don’t get me wrong getting compensation for a retired player who won’t play for your team is amazing. That compensation only being a 4th would normally be fine except for two reasons.

1. Gronk would only play for the Bucs, they had no leverage. If they want him you should make them pay for him.

2. ITS ROB FUCKING GRONKOWSKI. He is a Top 2 TE of all time and he’s not number 2. We could only get a 4th?? AND we gave them a 7th? Make that make sense dude I just don’t get it. The Bucs have zero leverage, it isn’t like Gronk can hold out on us he’s retired! Nothing needs to happen and we only got a 4th? Disgusting.

People just being okay with them leaving and happy for the memories are just weird. All I want is to play them and absolute run house on their whole team! They’re just another good team now. People it is time to cut ties, they left us now is not the time to act like the boyfriend who knows he is getting cheated on but won’t do anything about it. Sack up. Don’t burn jerseys, that’s always dumb. I mean we’re not Philly have some class but be pissed. Call Tom old make fun of his avocado ice cream now is our time!

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