Call Her Daddy And Barstool Are Parting Ways

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Let me get this out of the way and say thank god. Call Her Daddy stinks out loud and they are two of the most insufferable people on the planet. Any who, let’s talk about what’s going on.

Late last night they tweeted out the message below from their instagram account.

Apparently they dropped all these hints on their  podcasts as well. Like taking Barstool off the page, spelling help backwards and other 2007 MySpace shit like that. Here is a TikTok explaining it because 80% of their fan base lives on TikTok.

@megkleinsmith##greenscreen my theory for call her daddy’s post this week ##callherdaddy ##daddygang ##alexandracooper ##sofiafranklyn ##barstoolsports♬ original sound – megkleinsmith


So clearly there is something happening legally. Most likely fighting over the name Call Her Daddy which one person points out, they are going to have to buy back from Dave and Barstool.

At the end of the day this is a huge win for Barstool fans. Yes Call Her Daddy had/has a large following and were a cash cow for the company. But they never were liked by the majority of the Barstool faithful. Fans understand that you have to try and pull in other demographics and that makes complete sense. Unfortunately CHD always felt fake and forced, the exact opposite of what Barstool is and built their brand on. No timetable on when this becomes official but they typically drop a show today so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear some news in the next 24 hours.

This is when you really wish Barstool radio was on as normal because this feels like a grudgement day waiting to happen. No doubt in my mind these two try to play the victim while 100000000% being in the wrong. Very on brand for hacks.


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