Adam Schefter With Eye Opening Comments About Jerry Jeudy’s Alleged Knee Injury

Yesterday, Natatlie Egenolf broke an eye opening story that Jerry Jeudy, the ace of this highly touted receiver heavy draft, has a lingering knee issue. The knee issue is serious enough that he is dropping down draft boards just days before the NFL Draft. She got the typical immature harassment from Twitter accounts that don’t have a real profile picture and usually have some animated character instead. But, Derrick Gunn later confirmed the report AND then today Adam Schefter had some eye opening comments as well:


Schefter is one of the most connected people in the entire NFL and his wording in his interview was very select. He admits that there is in fact a knee issue, but the way he doesn’t divulge leads one to believe the knee has been a problem for quite some time.


While watching the re-airing of the 2017 NFL Draft last night, another former Alabama player, OJ Howard was slipping down the board in the 1st round. Once mocked in the top 10 picks by every respected analyst, he was falling due to a shoulder injury with murky details surrounding it. Seemingly every year, one player slips due to a medical record the public was unaware of prior to draft night. Could Jerry Jeudy be the latest case of this occurring?


Jeudy should end up being fine, he will be drafted high and hopefully health permitting becomes the Amari Cooper type route runner that scouts compare him to. Although, health is a question mark for the prospect, need at receiver is close to desperate for some teams. Jerry Jeudy on one knee is better than well, every other Eagles receiver on two knees. Someone will take the risk based on his tape.

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