Will Lamar Jackson Escape the Madden Curse?

So Lamar Jackson will be the new cover man of Madden 21. The real question we all want to know is, will he become victim of the legendary madden curse?

Going back as far as 2002 when Daunte Culpepper was on the cover the madden curse struck cause him to miss an entire season with a knee injury. 2004 with Michael Vick on the cover, fracturing a fibula in a preseason game causing him to miss 11 games. How bout the 06 madden cover with Philadelphia’s own Donavan Mcnabb? He ended up injuring his groin and missing 10 games and coming back too early, therefore leading into a totally different injury that kept him out for the remainder of the season… Look at this years cover guy, Patrick Mahomes. He missed a couple games due to a fractured knee cap. Granted they got to hold the Lombardi throphy at the end of the year, still got caught with the bug. The curse hasn’t caught every cover man, but it has for sure done it’s fair share of damage. Guess we will have to wait and see if that curse sneaks up on Lamar.

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