Confirmed: Eagles Are Drafting KJ Hamler From Penn State

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I mean that’s about all I needed to read. Miles Sanders making the guest pick, one of his former teammates is projected in the second round and plays a position that the Eagles need? Yup, it’s happening. The NFL virtual draft is going to be a mess. The Bengals have already had issues and another team got kicked out of the draft because his kid was using too much bandwidth playing xbox. This is going to be a shit show. So no team is going to make it anymore complicated by doing a guest picker unless it is going to be meaningful. Miles Sanders the new featured back is going to pick his former teammate. That’s special. They aren’t going to go through with this so he can select some idiot linebacker from the Pac-12.

So congrats to the Eagles on getting the next Desean Jackson to learn under the real Desean Jackson.

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